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Bob Rose Vocal Coaching

Vocal Webinars and Workshops

NOW A breakthrough in educational technology, affordability and convenience at the touch of your fingertips. All you need is a computer, the Internet and a code that unlocks the virtual classroom to your vocal needs and performance desires.

Monthly Webinars

We will be giving monthly webinars on popular singing subjects at a fraction of the cost you would spend on traditional methods of instruction while maintaining the highest classroom quality.



  • SINGING CRITIQUES (Vocal – Singing – Performing)
  • KEEPING YOUR VOICE IN TUNE  (Vocal Hygiene: the dos and don’ts of vocal health )
  • WARM-UP EXERCISES (Demonstration – Vocal participation)
  • KNOW YOUR INSTRUMENT (Identification – use)
  • ALL I NEED IS THE AIR THAT I BREATHE (Support – Control – Placement – Dynamics)
  • THE RIGHT MIC: PARTS I & II  (Choosing – the correct microphone)
  • THE RIGHT VOCAL COACH (How to find who is qualified and right for you)
  • MANY OTHERS (All singing and performing topics; live – recording)
  • SEND  IN YOUR SUGGESTIONS  (E-mail subjects important to you)


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